Focused on Mississippi: Ghost Hunt in Natchez, Part Five

Focused on Mississippi

NATCHEZ, Miss. (WJTV) – All week long, we’ve been on a Halloween excursion, exploring a haunted house in Natchez. But what about Natchez itself? Is the whole place haunted?

Haunted houses, ghost hunters and one of the most haunted cities in the state, or the nation, for that matter. But what makes a town haunted or a house haunted? Well, let’s talk to some people who know.

“Natchez is so haunted because of the number of deaths there. There’s been a lot of murders, natural deaths, of course. Yellow fever epidemics, influenza. There’s been a lot of deaths at Magnolia Hall. ‘Who passed away in this bed?’ There’s at least eight, maybe 10 spirits roaming the halls,” said Brian Riley, a paranormal investigator.

He continued, “Even an object can be haunted. It can have some kind of attachment to it. Some kind of, just that deep connection that that person might have had. It just leaves that energy behind in that object. Dolls are one of the most sought after haunted objects that are collected world-wide. Maybe because a doll, like a personal doll, might have a piece of that person, their energy instilled in it. Maybe it’s the material that was able to soak in from that person.”

Well, you may have already known a lot about Natchez. You may have known own it from the pilgrimage, the casinos. You might have even known about it’s haunted history. It’s a beautiful town- a little scary, maybe. I know next I go there I’m gonna be thinking about these ghost stories. And we have one more to go. One more night of Natchez haunted history. Saturday night, which is Halloween night.


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