Focused on Mississippi: History of Carroll County

Focused on Mississippi

CARROLL COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – It’s not that they have anything against four lane roads in Carroll County. I-55 cuts the county in half, along with Highway 82. But other than that, they really don’t have any great need for super highways.

What you will find more of in Carroll County are two lane roads that take you back into country places. I remember when Mississippi Bluesman John Hurt’s house was open for tours. He had his own style of blues that made him a recording star in the late 1920s, then forgotten for 40 years until rediscovered in the 1960s when fans found his home in Avalon. He mentioned it one of his songs, but now you’ll have to explore his Carroll County through his music.

Carrollton has had its taste of Hollywood in the past. Most notably in the 1960s when Steve McQueen came here and starred in William Faulkner’s, “The Reivers.” And then not that long ago, “The Help” used the old home of state Senator J.Z. George Cotesworth. His home is a cultural center, now. More than the house, I find his octagonal library fascinating. 

Carrollton is one of the two county seats of Carroll County. We have a few counties with two seats of government. which is a hold over from when travel was difficult. Carroll County’s other seat is Vaiden. Vaiden used to have a daily domino game going on, and they were serious players, too.

It’s a picturesque county with touches from the past that are still in use today.

The county with two county seats and no red lights and enough four lanes to zip you through it, but enough interesting places to get you to stop a while.

There is a great deal of memorabilia from Arizona Senator John McCain’s family in the museum in Carrollton. His great-grandfather owned a great deal of land there.

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