Focused on Mississippi: Horn Island

Focused on Mississippi

HORN ISLAND, Miss. (WJTV) – Horn Island is a part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore. So it, along with several other barrier islands, are a National Park. It is also a National Wilderness Area. There is nothing man-made on the island except a ranger cabin somewhere near the middle. Anything else that you might need, you have to bring it with you and take it back when you leave.

Horn Island is several miles long but less than a mile wide at its widest point. To the north is the Mississippi Sound, and to the south is the Gulf of Mexico.

There is a symmetry to a lot of nature on Horn Island. So I can see where Walter Anderson gets the idea for the repeated rhythms and patterns that we see in so much of his work. And the pine trees on the island really do look like the ones Anderson renders in his watercolors. I thought they were caricatures, until I saw the real pines.

Artists still come out to Horn Island for inspiration, alone sometimes or as members of groups.

The day breaks silently, with a whisper on the breeze and uncertainty in the air. It may be gray or it may be sunny. But each kind of weather brings out its on personality and traits on the island. 

I’m not all that much of an outdoors-man. My idea of roughing it is when the air conditioner in the hotel room keeps waking me up when it cycles on and off. But if I were an artist, and especially one who specialized in capturing nature and realizing it in my work, I’d be on Horn Island tonight.

You can google Horn Island or Gulf Islands National Seashore to get information about going out to it.


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