Focused on Mississippi: Ida moves through the state

Focused on Mississippi

RANKIN COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – Today was another one of those times when the weather reminded us of just how close we live to the Gulf of Mexico. Ida seems to have been the strongest storm to hit our area in a while, but you can’t help but try to compare it with Katrina.

My first observation was when we woke up this morning and still had electricity at our house. Ida was as bad or rose than Katrina in many places south of us, but not so much here mid-state.

One of the first things I did when I got up today was to check the hackberry tree outside our bedroom window. It was still standing. Next thing was a glance at the TV and realized exactly how fortunate we were. Our trees still up and power still on. That’s a far cry from when Katrina came through 16 years ago.

Anytime you need advice or wisdom, or fish bait in our part of Rankin County, you can get it here at Pelahatchie Bay Trading Post. At the first table in the cafe, you will usually find a session of wise men and sometimes women. This morning, I asked what they thought about Ida as opposed to Katrina.

“It was a lot more wind it seemed like in Katrina. Just. Stronger storm,” one said.

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