Focused on Mississippi: Kerr Family Cards

Focused on Mississippi

MADISON, Miss. (WJTV) – When the Kerr’s send out their annual Christmas cards, it’s an entire family project. Sending out family cards started out innocently, but their cards quickly became very popular.

The card mailing list includes over 600 names this year. Sonja Kerr said she handwrites every envelope to add a personal touch. It’s no wonder the cards are a family project.

The cards became a tradition by chance, as most traditions do. The first Kerr Christmas card photo was taken by the couple’s friend in the Washington D.C. area. Ben Kerr said one of the first cards was a photo of the three Kerr daughters gathered around a snow globe with Sonja and himself kissing under the mistletoe inside. He said he had no idea the card would become so popular.

Ben said the cards have become a good chronicle as his children grow up. The cards have become a good marker from one year to the next.

Washing D.C. professional photographer Kevin Travares warns others that if you decide to send out Christmas cards, beware that it will be expected by friends and family every year after, and better each time.

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