Focused on Mississippi: Lessons from Little League

Focused on Mississippi

PEARL, Miss. (WJTV) – This week is the opening week of baseball in Mississippi. Baseball has been going on for a while for Little League, and that’s where baseball really starts: when you’re a kid.

“Gives these kids a purpose to come out and enjoy the sunshine, competition, play. Not think about stress at home, I guess. And they learn how to play with other players, how to share ideas and just be part of the community,” said Ken Schipper with the NWRAA.

What you learn playing a game of baseball, you are going to eventually have to learn in life anyway.

“Well, I mean it’s just learning to get along with somebody. Understanding you lose and you win and how to deal with it. You know you get up, shake off the dust and compete again. And there’s always tomorrow, and I think that’s the biggest thing, I mean you learn lessons of life. How to just shake off the dust and get up and compete again,” stated Schipper.

Education about the larger world starts here for these youngsters. So there’s a lot more going on here than hitting a ball and running bases, but there’s that, too. That’s baseball. Every game is a new day, a new chance to apply what you’ve absorbed and to do it better this time. 

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