Focused on Mississippi: Lifetime filming movie in City of Vicksburg

Focused on Mississippi

VICKSBURG, Miss. (WJTV) – The Lifetime Network just finished shooting a movie in Vicksburg. This movie is actually a byproduct of the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s the middle of the afternoon on this particular day when the film crew starts arriving and setting up a snack room and a makeup room. They transform a normal day in Vicksburg into a day in the life of twins; one who has become a successful writer, while her sister turns to madness. The film is called “My Stolen Life.”

There is more activity on a movie set than there is in a kicked fire ant mound. People going in every direction, and from this chaos is extracted a neatly tied together story line. The director of the movie is Dylan Vox, of Atlanta. Although he and his crew usually work in California, the pandemic restrictions there had them looking elsewhere for places to set up their cameras. 

“The pandemic was really hard last year, and we weren’t allowed to shoot in California, which was very difficult. I have a little daughter and most of my crew really needed to work, so we just started shooting in smaller towns outside, and it’s been really great. And we looked up the most beautiful places in the south, and Vicksburg came up, and I was like, I want this to be like a Southern Gothic movie, and now we’re in Vicksburg,” said Vox.

He said Vicksburg gets to show off in the movie, too. Not just as a backdrop, but the story was rearranged so Vicksburg is where is it set.

“I always want to make sure that I showcase where we are in the film,” Vox explained.

Vicksburg has been accommodating, too, by supplying extras where needed. Some of the city’s iconic locations are prominently showcased. Kendra Reed helped wrangle up people and locations.

“It’s good for Vicksburg, and it’s been really exciting to get together some extras together. The local support and local community is just kind of rallied around the film crew. It’s been a little hectic, but it’s been a lot of fun,” said Kendra Reed, a business owner in the city.

Pam Chatham Kennedy of Brandon found a way to get ahead in the movie business as a body double. Matter of fact, mostly what you’ll see of her is her head.

“The back of my head and the side of my head and the wig that I wear,” she said.

Vox said they expect “My Stolen Life” to be finished and ready for air on Lifetime by the end of the year.

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