Focused on Mississippi: Mac Clements’ Lights

Focused on Mississippi

PEARL, Miss. (WJTV) – Country Place just off Airport Road at I-20 has a lot of decorated yards for the holidays. But by far, Mac Clements’ has the most lights in his yard.

You can step back to the neighbors and look across the lake at all of the aerial gymnastics Mac’s lights perform; looped up tree trunks and hanging way overhead out branches, and you could see how it would take at least that many tall ladders to hang them all up and deck the yard in just this way. Lots of laps up and down a ladder to suspend them just right.

I’ve heard the Druids thousands of years ago burned a Yule log in the middle of their villages to give more light to the long nights this time of year. Maybe Mac has a little Druid in him. He for sure has a lot of Christmas Cheer to make him take hundreds of trips up and down his ladders to hang lights Just for us to see.

Mac says he leaves the lights up well into January. So if you need a little Christmas after the season is over, drive through Country Place in Pearl. You literally can’t miss Mac Clements lights.


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