MERIDIAN, Miss. (WJTV) – The Meridian Museum of Art is housed in the old municipal library building. The building is significant in itself.

This is one of the libraries that industrialists Andrew Carnegie funded in the early 20th Century. When the library moved to a bugger building, the art museum moved in here. 

“We’ve been here for 52 years, and what we feature are Mississippi and Alabama artists, and we do a lot of educational programs with the children and the adults,” said Kate Cherry, executive director of the Meridian Museum of Art.

I managed to get in on the tail end of an exhibition that grew out of the Mississippi Clay Works Conference held in Meridian in September. The Mississippi Clay Works Invitational is a selection of some of the best pieces from artists working in this medium.

“Well, these were phenomenal clay works artists. These were artists that were selected all over the United States. A lot of them are college professors that actually teach pottery at universities, major universities all over the United States. A lot of porcelain, a lot of stone ware,” explained Cherry.

You may have caught that Cherry referred to this show in the past tense because it just ended, but another exhibition will slide right in on its heels. 

Membership exhibits are always in December and January. The Meridian Museum of Art, by not charging admission, gives the whole community exposure to art.

“And since we are an underserved community, I believe it is very important for the children of our area to be able to visit the museum,” expressed Cherry.

The Meridian Museum of Art isn’t the biggest museum you’ll ever visit, but they are always doing big things. 

Visit the Meridian Museum of Art’s website or Facebook page to see pictures of the pieces in the Mississippi Clay Works Invitational.