SIMPSON COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – A Model T school bus was parked in a Simpson County barn for 90 years. After all this time, some people are trying to get it on the road again. In our last installment, the crew was able to get the engine running again. This time, the bus has been moved out of the barn.

Brett McAlpin bought the bus because his grandmother rode it to school when she was a girl. Kirk Hill has helped McAlpin resurrect the Model T bus.

When they tried to move the bus out of the barn, it wouldn’t start, but it had to come out by some means. They used a lawn mower to push and pull the bus out of the barn. Hill said the road they cut was so narrow that it was probably better to have to slowly coax the bus out of the barn and not actually drive it.

The bus is now at a shop where it will be easier to work on.