JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Cards and flowers and sweet sentiments are expected for Valentine’s Day. But somewhere along the way, chocolate worked itself into the mix. It has a preeminent position to the point where Nandy’s Candy in Jackson places Valentine’s Day right up there with Christmas, in a way.

“This is the busiest volume in the shortest amount of time. Christmas is the marathon. This is the sprint,” said Emmie King, owner of Nandy’s Candy.

That’s Emmie King. Emmie’s mother, Nancy started Nandy’s Candy back in 1980, and it’s more than a candy store. They make their own creations back in the back. Kind of like a small-scale Willie Wonka’s, but with the chocolate waterfall and the machines. It’s also kind of like Santa’s workshop right before Valentine’s, too.

“Right now, I’m looking at these, and I’m thinking we need some more. I know I’m going to be here late night, and the next few days doing some nut clusters, and we’ll be running more centers,” said King.

Nandy’s Candy has become a Jackson institution over the years, but that really wasn’t what Nancy had in mind when she opened the place. 

“Me going back to school, my sister going back to school, she loved chocolate. And she said I want to do something I love, so she started it,” said King.

Emmie has kept Nandy’s secret ingredient.

“For me it’s love ,that you love a product. The business itself, like selling and being with people and being able to create something every day. I love to get in here and do our formulas. It’s something tangible, that you connect to people, you connect with what you’re selling,” expressed King.

But Nandy’s Candy’s love of the product is also that intangible ingredient that leaves such a sweet aftertaste long after we’ve finished their chocolate.