Focused on Mississippi: Natchez Balloon Festival

Focused on Mississippi

NATCHEZ, Miss. (WJTV) – All eyes will be on the sky in Natchez this weekend for the annual balloon festival. Some adjustments have been made to the event because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The balloons are really frightening vehicles in which to travel, when you think about it. I mean there is no motor other than the speed of the wind. No steering other than the direction of the wind. The only control the pilot has is to go up or down.

But as they do so, they can skillfully catch the invisible currents of air at different heights that are moving slightly to the right or left of the air current below or on up above and catching the currents. The balloon is maneuvered to seemingly anywhere the pilot wants it to go.

And in between take off an landing, I suppose the occupants of the balloon could worry about where they are going and what’s going to happen when they get there. But instead, they paint the sky with color and give visibility to the invisible air by floating on its currents.

Flights in Natchez are around sunrise and sunset through Sunday morning. The Friday and Saturday night balloon glows are scattered all over town, but there will be a gang of them on the bluff downtown.

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