Focused on Mississippi: New flagpole on old bridge in Vicksburg

Focused on Mississippi

VICKSBURG, Miss. (WJTV)- An American flag is flying over the old Highway 80 bridge in Vicksburg thanks to a new flagpole.

The design for the new pole has been in the works since October 2018. The new pole is taller and more functional.

“The main advantage to this flagpole is we can fly a flag at half-staff when ordered to, now. We could not do that in the past because of the length of the flag, the shortness of the pole, and the guy wires would destroy the flag,” said Herman Smith, superintendent of the Vicksburg Bridge Commission.

Swapping out a flagpole on top of a bridge is about as difficult as you would imagine it would be. After removing the old one by a helicopter, the new mount was brought out and installed.

By the dawn’s early light tomorrow, the flag will be there over the old bridge in Vicksburg, gracing traffic crossing between Mississippi and Louisiana on the I-20 bridge next to it.

The flag is swapped out every three months. The next scheduled chance is in April.

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