Focused on Mississippi: Old-school syrup making

Focused on Mississippi

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – There was a time when people lived a lot closer to the land. You had to make many of the items you can just buy a grocery store today. But, some people prefer the old ways better.

Lafayette McDavid has a couple of ancient mills he uses to squeeze the juice out of “hundreds of years old” sugar cane.

Nine gallons of water are needed for every one gallon of syrup that is collected. After the squeezing is finished, the boiling begins. Jump forward a few hours and a hydrometer is used to determine the amount of water that was boiled off. An experienced syrup-maker can tell you when it’s ready just by looking at how it sheets off the strainer when it’s boiled down enough.

You can buy cane syrup at most of the roadside produce stands and even some grocery stores. But, best of you to find a friend who makes it.

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