PINEVILLE, Miss. (WJTV) – The welcome sign and the come again sign aren’t opposite sides of the same post at Pineville. They are less than a mile apart. There’s a lot more towns the size of Pineville in Mississippi than there are towns the size of Jackson, Hattiesburg or Tupelo. Pineville is on Highway 501, just inside the Smith County line coming south from Forest. You can’t miss it.

“You have to be coming to Pineville if you’re coming down 501. That’s the only place here,” said Pineville store owner Terry Hammons.

Normally, you wouldn’t see another car on the road in Pineville. Not on Pineville Day, though. That’s a day set aside to celebrate the town and the people in it and around it. Hammons started to celebration 6 years ago.

“Well, we built a store and we just wanted to do a grand opening for the public. We just started doing it every year,” said Hammons.

The day was so well received that they do it every year on the first Saturday of April. There’s food, music and crafts for sale. There’s even a classic car show.

“Well, I have a lot of friends that all have these cars,” said Hammons.

“What are friends for if you can’t coax them into bringing their cars out as a feature of Pineville Day? Sort of the same as the band David and the Giants. They had some hits back in the day. They play Christian rock these days. That’s a pretty big name for Pineville.

“They’re my second cousins. It’s just a blessing,” said Hammons.

It’s true. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know and who you’re kin to. There’s a lot going for a place like Pineville.

“Well, I live here. You have to like it if you’re going to live there,” said Hammons.

There’s a lot of logic in a statement like that. Down home logic.