JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – If you have ever slept under a hand-made quilt, then you know how special they are. Weeks and sometimes months go into the designing of them and putting the facing together and finishing them up.

In order for the maker of that quilt to then turn around and give it away would take a special reason.

Well, the Quilters Guild of Jackson has a special reason. They are partnering in the national Quilts of Valor movement to honor veterans who went, served, and then came home with a memento of their service and of their homecoming.

Many times, this may be the only home-coming ceremony any of these service members got. Some of whom returned decades ago.

Darrell Brown served in the Marines. The quilt’s special for him.

“It’s taken me back kind of to my childhood. I remember the cold winters my grandmama would lay me in the bed and out the blanket, put the quilt on top of me. And I’ve always wanted one. and this is my first one since. So, it’s an honor to have this, and I appreciate it,” said Brown.

Many of these veterans were in Germany or South Korea or Vietnam or in the Middle East. Everywhere but home, and it’s a sacrifice to be away from everything that’s familiar for months or years at a time.