JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – I have admired Sam King’s photographs on Facebook for quite a while. He has a keen eye for extracting the essential out of a scene and preserving it in a picture. Let me give you a few examples before we get to the snow.

Here is the last full moon of 2020; floating just above the tree line with a wisp of clouds as if a curtain was being pulled back to reveal it. Here, the crossroads store. I picked up a great hamburger there one time, and a story I’ll have to tell y’all sometime about a skunk hunt. I never thought to take a photo. And the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn hanging above Church Hill Church from an angle I would have never thought of, nor do I have the equipment to get. But Sam’s Delta snow pictures really caught my attention.

He’s been doling them out a few a day this week on Facebook. Matter of fact, Facebook is his preferred gallery for exhibiting his work. Sam sent me a text explaining what he does and why. Here’s what he says:

“Walt, when I retired after 42 years of work, I decided to take up photography as a hobby.  My goal is to capture some of the beauty God has so graciously provided for us, and in some way to use the photos to glorify God.  I do not try to sell them, but instead, post them of Facebook in order that my friends who are unable to get out can enjoy what I have been so richly blessed to witness.  You are welcome to paraphrase any of this because I got to thinking that I could wind up getting requests to buy some of the photos and that is the last thing I want.  Until I get too old to go out and use my camera, I’m all about capturing and sharing photos–not printing and selling.”

Reminds me of the verse that goes something like, “Freely you have received, now, freely give.”

So, thank you Sam King for your free gift of photographs. Thank you for sharing God’s gift to you as you photograph His gifts to all of us.