Focused on Mississippi: Saving the old Presbyterian Church in Rodney

Focused on Mississippi

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – There is something new going on it Rodney. The structural faults of the old Presbyterian Church are finally being address.

The church was built in the 1830s. It was shelled by a Union gunboat during the Civil War, but it’s still barely standing. The south wall is buckling.

The Rodney History and Preservation Society has managed to raise enough money to start stabilization of the church wall.

If you go to see the church now, you will find a gaping hole where the wall once stood. I haven’t heard a timetable of when the work might be completed, but the fact that it has started is a turnaround from decades of Rodney buildings and property going in the opposite direction- deterioration instead of restoration. 

Why fix up the old church? Why loss the past if you don’t have to? There are those days you can go to Rodney and feel the ages. The dreams and desires it took for people to carve this quiet niche out, if the bluffs and hardwoods where they could snug away and live and still trade with the rest of the world with the Mississippi River at the foot of town. Hardly anything left there now but memories, and they are fading. So it’s refreshing to see enough people have been haunted by the old ghost town to do the hard work to bring the heart of it back to life.

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