JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Snow is a rarity in Mississippi, which makes it special when it happens. Some rare years, we’ll get two good snows in a winter. Usually, there are a lot of cold, grey days before we ever see any white on the ground.

Growing up in Mississippi, I was nine-years old before I ever saw a snowflake in person. I was in junior high before we ever had a day off from school because of snow.

Playgrounds are empty on snow days. Why go somewhere else to play when nature put a playground in your yard last night?

The snow makes you glad Canton wasn’t in a hurry to de-Christmas the courthouse square, yet. With a little snow on the tree, it really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Of course, the snow was melting about as fast as it fell by mid-morning.

Snows transform ordinary things into extraordinary. Weeds are elevated to exterior decorating accents. Bare tree branches are etched as if engraved against the background. A big snow covers all the blemished on the bare earth, too. A small one allows the contours of the fields to stand out like lines of poetry. All of this is always here, but it takes a snow to bring it out, especially when snow is rare and you don’t see things this way all the time. That’s a good thing about a Mississippi snow.

The other good thing about a Mississippi snow, most of them will be about like this one; merely a memory by tomorrow. Then the memory begins to melt with like the snow after a while, which will make the next one special again.