JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Things have quickly changed outside over the last week or so, and those changes aren’t only in the flowers and trees, but also in the night sky.

Well, you are bound to have noticed spring suddenly emerging over the last week or so, and perhaps emerging very early this year. This time last month the trees were bare, but now they are all budded and flowered up.

Nature moves quickly sometimes. Greenville writer David Cohn titled his first book about the Delta after a line he heard in a sermon about spring emerging swiftly, “God Shakes Creation.”

The night sky over the past week illustrated how quickly the changeless can change sometimes.

We had a conjunction of Venus and Jupiter just after sunset for the past several days. Close enough to be interesting as far as the night sky goes.

So is it any wonder that buds can bud and blooms can bloom in such a short amount of time? 

The culprit that is tenting everybody’s cars yellow right now is pine pollen. The only thing that is remotely out of place about this annual ritual is the timing of it.

I recall this as being a late March or early April event. Same thing with the wisteria. I saw mountains of it blooming over the weekend. Our white variety popped open this morning.

People are posting their azaleas on Facebook. You can see them in the wild in swamps and boggy areas along the road. I’ve heard people call them honeysuckle bushes. The bloom looks like a honeysuckle, but it’s a wild azalea.

But nature, having a mind of its own, can decorate creation with spring anytime it wants to.