RANKIN COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – Me and my shadow. That’s part of the fun of this job over the years, having a shadow to go along with me and help me out.

Well, granddaughter Loralei is a precious child. Constantly precious. She lets no grass grow under her feet and tries not to step on the flowers. As I tried to keep up with her out in the yard, all of a sudden, I realized there are things growing that weren’t here last time I looked. Spring things. 

Blooming hyacinth was the first flower I noticed. Mama had these all over a corner of the yard back when I was a kid. This is the only one that has survived at our house. 

But then I noticed we have a carpet of wildflowers that has erupted. Individually, they are just tiny things, but in a group, they really make a statement.

The dandelions are here already, too. With the help of Lorelei, there will be a bunch more this spring. But if it weren’t for dandelions, you’d have to wait until your birthday to make a wish, see a falling star or find a four-leaf clover. Dandelion puffs are much more convenient when you have a wish you just need to make right now. They are everywhere. 

Our jonquils started blooming right after Christmas, so they’re gone now and being replaced by daffodils. A flower looks so much better when it’s being modeled, don’t you think? I didn’t even have to buy a vowel.

The maples are putting on their red propeller seed. You can see their red haze all in the woods along the Natchez Trace.

If you are wondering if you are coming down with COVID-19 because of the runny nose and headache, more likely you’re coming down with allergies. The oaks are blooming right now. But go ahead and use one of those free covid tests you got in the mail just to be sure.

In no time at all, we will be past this timid hit of spring, and it will be as obvious as a marching band.

But these first few whispers of, “I’m back,” are refreshing and worth sharing with a friend.

Don’t set out your tomatoes yet, there’s still a danger of frost for a few more weeks.