Focused on Mississippi: The Chill of a Whisper

Focused on Mississippi

VICKSBURG, Miss. (WJTV) – It was earlier this year, maybe January, that a few of us here at the station and a troop of ghost hunters teamed up to video some ghost hunts just to see what developed. We thought we might do a series of ghost hunts, so the folks at the Vicksburg Cultural Center let us come in and scour the place for ghosts.

Up front, we said we were not going to use anything in our stories of feelings, or goose bumps, or, ‘I think I sense something.’ If we didn’t get it on camera, we weren’t going to use it. We got great interviews with eyewitnesses and spooky video, but we never got a ghost on camera.

But maybe we got some audio.

It was getting late, and we were in the parlor of what I believe was the Cobb House in the Convent Complex. One of the members of the group had just walked into the hallway to take a reading and another was sitting on the couch trying to get an EVP; an electronic voice phenomenon.

How this works; you ask questions out loud while recording with a digital recorder. When you play what you recorded back, you hope to have answers or words or something on the device that you didn’t hear with your ear.

The question that was asked was, “How many spirits are in this room with us?” To which a very faintly whispered, “Three,” was heard on the recording that was not heard in the room.

As interesting as that is, I happened to be shooting all of this with an infrared TV camera at the same time. It wasn’t until this week when I finally downloaded my video of that same scene that I heard on my camera’s recording playback the same, “Three.”

No one in the room heard an audible, “Three,” at the time the question was being asked. It was only heard on the playback of the digital recorder. If you’ve watched the ghost hunting shows, you’ve probably seen them record similar stuff, but I’ve never seen the unspoken answer show up on two recorders at the same time!

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