FLORENCE, Miss. (WJTV) – A documentary has just been released on what has been called one of the most haunted houses in America. And the reason we are featuring it in our Focused on Mississippi segment is that the house it is right here in Mississippi.

It is a perfectly innocent looking. The house in Florence is in a quiet neighborhood with quiet neighbors. And it’s not all that old, as far as typical haunted houses go. It was built in 1990.

And for the record, I use the term “haunted” in its broadest sense. I don’t know that there are ghosts in this house. That’s up for debate. But what is certain is that unexplainable phenomenon happens here frequently. And it started before the house was even finished.

“As we were building it, building material would disappear and come back. Doors would slam when they built those before the entire house was finished. The doorbell would ring- nobody there. Objects would be placed other than where we put them,” said the owner, Alice Jackson.

At first, Jackson was reluctant to say anything about the house. But slowly, the word leaked out and slowly paranormal investigators came to see it for themselves. Brad Cooney was one. John Bullard another. And then the house caught the attention of nationally known paranormal investigator and film producer Steve Gonsalves.

“This stared out because it just intrigued Steve. And then obviously, it built on top of itself, and this became something small and then bigger and then ended up to where we are today,” explained Bullard.

And where we are today, a documentary has been released about the house. It explores the investigations that have happened here over the past decade.

“There’s theories. I personally haven’t figured it out yet. But it’s fun documenting it. I just document it and put it out there and let folks debate it,” said Cooney.

“I think that the house has something to offer in that there’s some sort of explanation that we don’t know yet. And I’m hoping that there will be,” said Jackson.

The documentary is called “The House In Between.” It’s on pretty much any television platform that rents or sells movies right now. Kind of ironic that the story Alice Jackson didn’t want to talk about at first has now gone international.

Full disclosure, I am in the documentary. because I have done stories about the house. But the only pay I got is a free copy of the movie. And the only thing I will ever get out of it is a case of the willies when ever I have visited there.