Focused on Mississippi: The Lighthouse and the Oak

Focused on Mississippi

BILOXI, Miss. (WJTV) – One of the most famous of the hurricane survivors on the Mississippi Coast is the Biloxi Lighthouse. The lighthouse became the icon of survival, and it was even the symbol of the Mississippi car tags.

The lighthouse not only survived Camille and Katrina, but all of the other hurricanes to hit the coast since 1848, when it was built. Maybe it’s the round shape that allows the lighthouse to take a lickin’ and keep on shining.

However, the lighthouse wasn’t unscathed by Katrina. It had some interior brick veneer damage. Crews spent four and a half years working to put the lighthouse back right after Katrina. Now, it is as good as ever and has withstood another season’s battering from the tropics.

One of my personal favorites that has withstood time and storm is the ancient Ring In The Oak in Biloxi. The Oak is a few miles east of the lighthouse on Highway 90.

There is an old legend about the ring connected with a fair maiden and a star crossed love. Laura Hinsdale published that story in her Legends and Lyrics of the Gulf Coast in 1896. 

Every time I see the lighthouse and the Ring In The Oak, I remember there are survivors of the storms that many didn’t survive, and maybe it helps to be round in order to hang around longer and survive.


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