JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Mississippi has more than just four seasons. The state has two versions of fall, and we are wrapping up the first.

The dividing line between the two falls is the first freeze. Fall one is when the greens of summer fade into the reds, golds and browns of autumn. It is still convertible weather; front porch swing weather or photography weather when every day is set off with new framing that does not happen throughout the rest of the year.

The first fall won’t leave the state without being missed. All of our other seasons seem to run on way too long. We face 90-degree weather in October and freezes well into April. The first fall leaves us too soon.

Our trees will soon start to lose the colors of fall and will become dull and bare. But if the first fall lasted longer, we wouldn’t find it special or look forward to it all year.

The second fall is approaching and soon we will experience the cold blasts of winter that could give you an ice cream headache just from breathing. When that time comes, though, we will be thankful we don’t experience the one-digit temperatures of the north.

So, enjoy the final days of the first fall before the forecast freezes it away. Next, we’ll enjoy the dead of winter.