RANKIN COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – If we brave the early morning chill right now, in a dark, clear sky, we may be able to see something not seen on earth in 50,000 years.

Every now and again a comet comes along worth the time to try to see. C/2022 E3 (ZTF) may be that comet.

One time, Jerry Bowen and I spotted Comet NEOWISE. It was elusive enough for me. This one may be more so. 

I try to stock with Jerry on astronomical adventures. He has the equipment to find, spot and record all of this stuff. And space objects can be very frustrating to try to find, even with an app that shows you where to look.

For instance, the first time we set up to spot NEOWISE Jerry spotted it with his computer in late afternoon light just as it sank behind a cloud bank. Neither humans nor their binoculars can see through clouds. 

The next night wasn’t so bad. But as far as just looking up in the sky and seeing it, that never happened with me. However, setting my still camera for some long exposures did the trick. 

The comet that’s out there right now only passes earth every 50,000 years.

Happy hunting! Hopefully this one will brighten up to visible levels before the end of January, because in February, it slips into the evening sky and into the southern hemisphere and eventually back into the depths of space.