RODNEY, Miss. (WJTV) – The old Presbyterian Church building is the most distinguishing landmark left in Rodney nowadays. It was built in 1833, and the church is what most people come to see.

“A lot of people don’t realize when they see this church, and they see Rodney now. They think it’s kind of sitting in the center of Rodney, but at one point, this church was at the edge of Rodney. Most of Rodney was up that way, up north,” said Mary Pallon, with the Rodney History and Preservation Society.

The group was formed primarily to preserve the old church and the cemetery that goes with it. The south wall of the church has recently been completely rebuilt, and the bell tower has been reinforced.

The cemetery is in the woods on top of the bluff immediately behind the church. Over the past few years, it has been slowly chopped out of the jungle that had overgrown it. Stones are being cleaned, and some are being restored.

It’s a hunt for the past. Trent Lewis has been coming here for years with his SCV unit to preserve the past.

“It’s like finding buried treasure almost,” he said.

Rodney is a microcosm of civilization. People come and they go and they leave things behind. Others come along and discover where they were and wonder why they came and why they went and see what they left.

You can join that Rodney Facebook page and learn some neat history and keep up with the ongoing preservation.