Focused on Mississippi: Waverly Mansion

Focused on Mississippi

CLAY COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – I remember my family driving past Waverly Mansion just off of Highway 50 between West Point and Columbus when I was a child. My mom told us when she was a child that her dad would take her and the other kids to visit Waverly.

They lived at West Point then. At that time, the old home has been sitting empty since the last Young brother passed away. Mama said when they went in, they weren’t allowed to touch a thing. That’s about the same thing Donna Snow told me when I first went to Waverly to do a story about it. The house sat for 50 years at the mercy of the world, she said, out in the woods near the Tombigbee River, and the world was merciful.

When the Donna’s family first bought the house in the 1960s, she said they had to replace one cracked window pane around the front door, and I think she said two of the hundreds, if not thousands, of spindles on the staircases had been broken, there was no other damage to the house. 

Other than graffiti, she said she knew every love affair in that part of the country for the past 50 years just by reading the walls before they repainted them.

One more thing she discovered was a ghost. Only heard at first, a young child calling for its mama. The ghost manifested itself as an indention in the covers of a bed in an upstairs bedroom nearly everyday, as if a child were curled up on it asleep. 

Donna said she only saw the child once between landings on the staircases high up in the house. She got only a glimpse of her, and then she evaporated as if turning to smoke and drifting away.

The Snow family sold the house a few years back, but it is still open for tours only on the weekends right now because of renovations during the week.

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