Focused on Mississippi: Wet, dreary winter

Focused on Mississippi

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Mississippi is a miserable looking and feeling place during the winter. We face a wet, sloppy and muddy winter each year.

Dave Dunaway Senior, Bass Junior High head football coach and assistant principal, said when he goes rabbit hunting on a wet, winter day, he could grow eight inches taller just by walking across a muddy cotton field with all the mud sticking to his boots.

An English teacher at Greenville High believed England produced so many significant writers because the weather in England is thick fog and dreary skies. She said this left people to turn inward for brightness and cheer.

That may be the same reason the Delta produces so many writers and musicians. The Delta is the birthplace of the Blues. Though there’s more to music than the weather, wintery Mississippi may have set the tone and ambiance for such music.

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