FLORENCE, Miss. (WJTV) – A house in Florence may be haunted, but some say it may not be. Everyone who’s investigated the house agrees strange things happen there, but they don’t agree that ghosts cause them.

Enough unusual things happen at the home that the owner, Alice Jackson, won’t stay overnight anymore. But there are cameras all in the house capturing everything that goes on here 24 hours a day; doors opening by themselves and the chandelier in the dinning room turning on and off at will.

Balls placed on the stairs all of a sudden roll down. What is it that does push the balls, and tip over dolls set up all over and away from anybody? Paranormal investigator Brad Cooney isn’t sure.

Lots of people say it’s ghosts. That’s all well and good, but how is it ghosts? How can a ghost physically move things and turn lights on and off? How can they cause the action that creates the reaction? Jackson wonders the same thing.

“That’s the whole question about everything here. What are the sources? What are the sources of an object moving? We’ve been through all the physics. Force, the wind, a magnet, you know. We went through all of that. What causes something to move that you don’t have a source to explain it?” she questioned.

Nationally known television ghost hunter Steve Gonsalves has been to Alice’s house many times. He’s a believer in the house.

“I’ve been to honestly thousands of haunted locations and this house is quite active,” he said.

There have been scientists, geologists, contractors and electricians at the home trying to come up how things do what they do at this house.

Well, undisputed things happen at Jackson’s house. The cause is up for grabs. Ghosts? Other dimensions? Earth trimmers or gravity waves? Man, I don’t know, but I agree with Cooney’s assessment of Jackson’s house.

“This is my famous line. Whatever happened in this house doesn’t happen in my house. That’s a fact,” he said.