MORTON, Miss. (WJTV) – Many people around the country are traveling for the 4th of July, but a bunch of our travelers aren’t traveling very far. For another Gas Tank Getaway, this place in Central Mississippi is a popular weekend spot, even for people who live right down the road.

Boats skim across the water, kids skim across it too. Only not in the lake, but at the water slide. Roosevelt State Park in Morton in Scott County was created as a CCC project during the Great Depression. It was named for the president in office, who created the CCC, Franklin Roosevelt.

I like the CCC Cabins on winter weekends when you can build a wood fire in the fireplace and take hikes out on the nature trails. But for the 4th of July weekend, the whole park is alive. Now, there are some people here from other states. But many are from just down the road.

Robert Walker is here from Hickory, about 40 miles away. He’s getting a pavilion ready for a family reunion. He said about a hundred people will be here. This is a whole lot better than trying to accommodate that many people at someone’s house.

“I just like the area, the way it’s set up and stuff. The kids can come here. You know, bring the kids and let them swim. Leave an adult with them and let them swim. You can go out there and go fishing. That’s what I like about it,” said Walker.

Assistant Manager Tyler Hinds at Roosevelt Park said,” You can fish. A lot of people come to ride jet skis and pull inner tubes. Obviously, you can use the waterslide and pool. Walk trails, we have tennis court and a ball field up there where you can play baseball, kick ball.”

Terry Goggins is here with his family. They live in Forest, just seven miles away. But they decided to stay here this weekend instead of driving back and forth. They’re very friendly about sharing their inner tube ride.

“We do some tubing. We do some skiing, a little bit. We let the kids swim. It’s got good, clean water and it isn’t crowded. So, we just enjoy ourselves. And uh, tried to get you on there,” said Goggins.

Hinds said, “There’s people that book cabin two years in advance.”

Roosevelt is another getaway that’s not that far away. Roosevelt State Park at Morton, just off Interstate 20.