Hometown Heroes: Jackson pastors keep teens busy so they don’t turn to crime

Hometown Heroes

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A Jackson couple is coming up with new ways to keep teens busy so they do not turn to crime.

Pastors Kenneth and Sondra Warner built a track by their house so kids could stay healthy and busy.

“When there is nothing to do, teens can easily get in trouble and do the wrong things,” said Kenneth, “But if we keep them busy and steer them in the right direction they will know there is another side…a positive side to doing things.”

His wife Sondra said it has always been a dream for them to give back to the community. They said the public is free to use their track.

“The goal is for people to walk here,” said Sondra, “They can come in and get to know us first, and let us know they want to be a part of it.”

After you get to know them you can use their track after signing in.

The Warner’s also have other activities for the public. They have train rides, jump houses and movie nights.

“The purpose of this is to get families together,” said Sondra.

The Warner’s have a ministry called “Living Waters Ministry,” where they preach the word of God. One of their churchgoers is Josias Lucas. He said he is not surprised the Warner’s actions.

“They always do this kind of stuff to help the community,” said Lucas, “Whether they are feeding the homeless or taking people that are homeless in. They are very involved in community service whether it is cleaning up or donating.”

The pastors hope their efforts will make a difference and that it will inspire kids to stay in the right track.

“I wanted to find a way where we could do things for the kids because the problem is, there is not much for the children to do in Jackson,” said Sondra.

If you want to use the track or activities you do not need to pay a fee. All they are asking for is donations to keep up with the maintenance.

To contact them call 769-572-7213.

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