Hometown Heroes: Port Gibson’s Coney Dorsey

Hometown Heroes

PORT GIBSON, Miss. (WJTV) – For years, a Port Gibson man has been looking out for the elderly and the youth in the community. Just last year, he was sworn in as a member of the Claiborne County Board of Supervisors.

Coney Dorsey is known for putting people first and himself last. That’s what Nene Howard told 12 News about Dorsey and why she nominated him for Hometown Heroes.

“His impeccable method of accessing our needs first, finding resources and taking the appropriate steps to make things happen, are definitely what defines a leader,” said Howard.

Dorsey has been talking with Howard about ideas for the upcoming Port Gibson University, a nonprofit for students to have some resources for arts and crafts, drawing, and financial literacy.

“It’s just a passion of mine, and it makes me feel a certain type of way when I give back, and it’s not just for recognition or anything like that. When I see the smile on their faces and when we really go out and help those in the community, it makes me feel good inside,” said Dorsey.

He’s also hosted Thanksgiving and Christmas food drives for years, sponsored by his Go Live Entertainment Label.

“We were going in people’s houses in 2009 that had holes in the floors, windows busted out, and it was cold. It wasn’t the lifestyle I was used to. Once people started seeing the impact, we were having it got bigger and bigger and more and more people started donating,” said Dorsey.

Now, he’s president for the Board of Supervisors in Claiborne County. Before he was elected to the board, he teamed up with the fire department to recruit volunteers.

“We started a volunteer fire department crew in four areas of the county. So now instead of us getting calls from the fire department and having just career firefighters going in there, we got training from the fire academy,” said Dorsey. “We can drive the fire truck and spray the water. We’re in the process of getting our equipment. And by us ultimately opening those substations, it ultimately lowers the insurance for people in those communities.”


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