Hometown Heroes: Woman provides showers for those in need

Hometown Heroes

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A morning shower is something many take for granted. But for the homeless it is different, because they do not always have access to a shower. In this week’s Hometown Hero, we meet a woman working hard to make sure our homeless have a place to get clean.

Many homeless people flock to 863 south Commerce Street in Jackson every Friday. It’s where “Shower Power” is located, where they can shower for free.

Shower Power Board Member, Mary Ann Kirby, said she meets people who have not showered in quite some time.

“We meet people all the time who say they have not showered in weeks, months, or some cases years,” said Kirby.

Kirby meets homeless people like Michael Vill. Prior to Shower Power, Vill had a hard time getting clean.

“It is a wonderful thing to have people care about you,” said Vill, “You know you are not alone and you know you can come down here and get help.”

Shower Power Founder, Teresa Renkenberger, came up with Shower Power after befriending a homeless man on Lakeland Drive.

“One day I asked him where he showered and he told me he does not take full showers,” said Renkenberger,”He told me he showers in the sink. I just knew I had to do something and that is how I came up with this idea.”

Renkenberger hit the ground running. She bought a food truck on Craigslist and had it renovated into a mobile shower truck.

“An architect donated their time and drew it out,” said Renkenberger, “that is how it happened.”

Renkenberger also gives out food, clothes, and a place for the homeless to stay when it is cold. Renkenberger said she could not have done it without the board members of Shower Power and generous donors.

If you would like to donate head over to https://showerpower.ms/.

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