Millennial Matters: “Time management is one key to a preparing for a midterm exam”

Millennial Matters


Nia McKnight, a senior Biomedical Science Major at Mississippi College says “exams are a challenge and every student knows this, but not everyone knows how powerful good studying habits can be.”  Many students often fall into the trap of cramming before an exam. On the other hand, having quality preparation can lead to excelling on an exam.

Which leads to the seniors belief that time management is a key component in preparing for anything in life but, particularly an exam for class. Most students find preparing for an exam, to be a daunting task, but with practice students can find a way that works for them can help make exams a less stressful experience. Gathering things like past quizzes, worksheets, notes, past midterms, and go over the chapters that will be on the exam. 

Everyone has their way to study, as well as their own place where they are comfortable.  A key part of being prepared is developing your own way of studying and knowing where to study as it is important to have a comfortable non-interruptive place.  This will help to make studying go better than if there were constant interruptions, which includes phones and social media.  Doing well on a test is a mental battle and it is important to have the right mindset.  Getting the right mindset and being prepared for an exam can be a battle, as any student knows, but once they know how they study best getting prepared is easier than before.

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