There are ways that different generations invest their money. According to GWI, Gen Z (37%) and Millennials (39%) believer their personal/household finances will get better in the next few months. Sixteen percent of Gex X believe it will get worse.

Baby Boomers (44%) said the U.S. economy will get worse over the next few months, while 29 percent said it will stay the same. GWI also said Millennials and Gen Xers are more worried about saving for retirement.

When GWI asked Millennials in December 2020 about their financial intentions over the next six months. 20% said they would buy stocks or shares. Gen X (16%) and Gen Z (15%) said the same thing.

When it comes to credit and loans, Millennials (18%) said they’re happy to use these options when they couldn’t afford something otherwise. Eight percent of Baby Boomers said they don’t trust banks or financial institutions, compared to 15% of Millennials who feel the same way. Gen Z (12%) are the most likely to trust banks or financial institutions.