JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – There’s no place like home for Columbus native, Jasmine Williams, who’s creatively-inspired move to Austin, Texas, became short-lived after spending time exploring the bustling community for creatives.

Returning to Mississippi soil, she landed with a vision that would replenish the drought that she and so many others experienced as a child– having to grapple with the negative perception placed on Mississippi due to its daunting past of racism and discrimination against Black people.

First, Jasmine had to relearn to love Mississippi for what it is and what made her, her. As she discovered more about her family, her hometown and the history that’s intertwined, she was inspired to create a space for others to learn and celebrate.

Jasmine founded digital media platform, ‘SippTalk in 2019. The curated content brings awareness to the history, food, language and culture of Black Mississippians– bridging her passion for storytelling and art.

Founded in 2019, ‘SippTalk is a digital media platform cultivating space for celebration of contemporary Mississippi and its rich creative legacy.

While scrolling through ‘SippTalk’s Instagram account, one can expect to be immersed into an educational and celebratory oasis which are two elements Jasmine makes sure is conveyed since it was not heavily portrayed in her childhood.

“I could remember our history not being centered in school or in media so I had to go on this journey and figure it out for myself. Once I did, I just wanted to share that with my peers and build a community here in Mississippi.”

Jasmine said learning the value of own her roots was a self-discovery moment and hopes her platform encourages others to do the same.