JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Devin Cousin can remember holding a microphone in his hand as early as age six. Throughout his childhood, he was serenaded with his late mother’s angelic voice, Vaniessa Cousin, who was a singer and published author before passing away with cancer in May 2021.

devMaccc and his mother, Vaniessa Cousin (Photo Courtesy of Devin Cousin)

As Devin entered his teenage years, his vision to become a music artist sharpened– he credits his mother’s influence– and his tunnel vision ignited in full effect mode. In 2015, Cousin developed his stage name: devMaccc. The three C’s in his name isn’t for aesthetic purposes, it stands for cool, calm and collected, which are attributes Cousin uses to identify his personality.

From participating to local music festivals and performing at local boutiques, devMaccc continued to build on his skill and establish his signature sound as a hip-hop artist rapping about personal life experiences.

Growing up in Jackson and later moving to Florence, for devMaccc the music scene he imagined for himself called for a different approach: creating his own lane, embracing perspective and charging it to the game.

After releasing singles to EPs to albums and collaborating with local Jackson artists and producers under his music label Wolf Pack, his recognition began to grow– a reality which brings him back to humble beginnings, sacrifices and the love of family.

In August, his cousin, Aleah Melody, posted a TikTok on Twitter, expressing her admiration for devMaccc and his talent. It has received 1.1 million views and counting and the support has poured into his streams, amplified his fan base globally and inspired him to create his latest single “Mill Preppin’.”

As devMaccc continues to increase in popularity , he said his focus is not only on sharing authentic and inspiring messages through music but also building Wolf Pack to be a staple for aspiring Mississippi artists who, too, are committed to making their dreams their reality.

To listen to devMaccc’s music, click here.