Mississippi Moment: Celebrating Easter amid COVID-19 pandemic

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JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – I saw a joke on Face Book last night: How is COVID-19 more powerful than any woman? Well, for one thing, it’s managed to actually cancel all of the sporting events and close all the bars.

Well, of course, it has. But not many people are really laughing about it, except out of resignation to reality.

Well another reality: Tomorrow is Good Friday and Sunday is Easter Sunday. Typical years the kids would be out of school for a long weekend and people would go shopping Saturday to make sure they looked their best for Sunday services. And Saturday night we’d help the kids dye their Easter eggs.

And then one of the two most attended church services of the year is Sunday morning, followed by Sunday dinner.

Of course, all that’s rearranged this year. Family gatherings are pretty much limited to the people you’ve spent the last 14 days with, anyway. Church is on line, and I’ve heard that eggs are eight dollars a dozen.

Is there a silver lining? We keep looking for it. Politicians keep promising it. We joke about corona to keep from crying. But just as Christians look at Easter as a drastic change from what was before, so also things will be different, perhaps drastically, after this thing dies down.

Will it be better? Well folks, that will be entirely up to us. We could keep eight dollar eggs. But just as easily, our better natures could take the neighborliness, and thoughtfulness, and helpfulness and generosity the pandemic has brought out of us, and extend that into the new normal for everyday. We don’t have to quit being nice after COVID-19 goes away.

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