Mississippi Moment: Deciding on when to reopen the economy

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JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – We need to be in prayer for our state and national leaders, because they have a big decision to make in the next few days: when to call off sheltering in place and open up the economy again. Now, a lot of us haven’t seen a lot of change anyway. We come to the TV station to do what we can’t do at home. ‘Course, I’ve worked from the house more than the office for years, anyway.

But others have seen a big change. There’s a bunch of folks who are getting cabin fever from being shut away from work, but many have also been shut out of work. Department stores are closed and restaurants are closed. I find it ironic that, here in the middle of a health crisis, many clinics are having to lay off staff or close locations. I guess we are afraid we might catch something worse if we go to the doctor right now.

But there is a tightrope that our officials are going to have to balance, between allowing people to go back to work, and there-by risk having a re-infestation of the coronavirus, or keeping stores closed risking financial ruin for more individuals or industries or the general economy at large.

It’s like the old Jack Benny comedy sketch where the miserly Jack Benny is stopped by a robber on the street who demands, “Your money or your life.” To which Jack is silent. And the robber yells again, “I said your money or your life!” To which Jack replies, “I’m thinking it over.”

Well, our political leaders are at the “I’m thinking it over” stage. But it’s a real situation. It literally is our money and our lives. And ideally, we’d like to emerge from thing with both. So pray our leaders make wise decisions, knowing so many have already lost their money and others have already lost their lives.

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