Mississippi Moment: Commentary on riot at U.S. Capitol

Mississippi Moment

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Well I guess we found out what we secretly have suspected all along– that the year 2020 wasn’t the problem after all.

Here we are a week into 2021 and we still have problems. Suddenly, yesterday, we came to realize what a deeply divided nation we live in. And oddly enough, it seems like last year’s big enemy COVID-19 is about the only thing uniting us right now. It’s the one thing that we all have in common.

We have deeply felt issues and a great deal of distrust exist in the nation right now to deny that is futile, and to deny anyone the right to express those things is also futile. We have a constitutionally guaranteed right to voice our opinions and that goes for people we don’t agree with as well as the ones we do.

However, it goes without saying, what we saw yesterday in Washington is totally unacceptable. As someone once said, “Your right to protest ends where my nose begins.” Crossing police lines, destruction of property, harming people, disrespect of authority, all of that, is way on the other side of the proverbial– wherever it happens and whenever it happens and whoever does it.

But reading Facebook, that’s where I get the pulse of the nation, there is so much venom being spewed today and people are speculating about what they think will happen next, and then getting upset over that.

Well, we can’t do anything, about what has happened, and so for what’s next?

There is wisdom in living things one day at a time. Let’s take on the slice of today and quit worrying about the rest of the loaf. It may not be what we want to think it is when it gets here anyway. Living things one day at a time instead of speculating is a lot better on your blood pressure too.


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