Mississippi Moment: Northwest Rankin’s virtual Christmas carol

Mississippi Moment

RANKIN COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – An email was sent to me from Marc Johnson at Mississippi Music. It invited me to click on the virtual Christmas performance by the band instructors at North West Rankin. There are just the four instructors performing all of the instruments; Band director Matt McDonald and his assistants, Katie Sweat, Jacob Hennes and Cindy Morris.

Matt said this is something they whipped together as a holiday project, maybe a video virtual greeting card, for the band members and the booster club. They posted it on Facebook, and I’m impressed.

First of all, this was a weird year for anything education related, especially something like band, where a part of the fun is public performing. Well, the Christmas concert was just the band playing for itself in the band hall.

The band directors pulled out an app that allows overdubbing and syncing video on multiple screens, and they all grabbed a hand full of instruments and performed a Christmas band arrangement of several carols and songs. They put put it out there for all they world to see.

To watch the virtual Christmas carol, click here.


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