Mississippi Moment: A Thanksgiving Poem

Mississippi Moment

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – This is an unusual Thanksgiving, a lot of people are taking the suggestions that we have not 30 or so of our closest relatives over for dinner. So, with that in mind, I wrote a poem fitting for the occasion.

I call it– What If They Gave A Feast But Nobody Came

Thanksgiving is a lot of things-

It’s food, of course-  But then-

It’s football, naps, lots of leftovers-

Neighbors-  friends-  and kin.

That is, it was- in normal years-

Remember way back then?

You cooked all night the night before-

Then- wished you could sleep in?

The table- set by 10 am- 

The turkey done by one-

The pe-can pie is served by three-

By four, the whole thing’s done. 

But- that was back before we had

Corona pay a call-

It was gonna stay for 14 days-

Just two weeks- that’s all.

It wiped us out of lots of things 

First toilet paper, I think-

Then Clorox, Lysol, alcohol-

The kind you rub on, not drink.

And then we learned to Zoom and Skype

And message, text and post-

And Facebook live and other stuff

I like my masks the most. (Not)

The old normal was so long ago.

It seems that way, at least.

But actually- it was ONLY just last year-

That we had those family feasts.

This year, there’s still the cranberry sauce-

The sweet potatoes- and dressing.

A lot of food— FOR THE TWO OF US.

One of us should ask the blessing.

But cleaning up? Should be a breeze-

Two plates, two cups two glasses-

You wash, I’ll dry and put them up

Let’s see who gets through fastest. 

But then, I turned and there is was-

The table- heaped- oh dear-

Made me realize all at once-

We cooked like we did last year. 

A mountain of turkey, A pile of potatoes,

Gravy and a roast

Salad and rolls and congealed little things

But what surprised me the most.

There- with the green bean casserole and giblets 

And I don’t know all what-

We cooked Aunt Gladys’ handed down recipe-

The one nobody ever touched.

There’s coconut cake, and Christmas cookies

Striped candy, chocolate pie

And ambrosia and lots of pudding left-

I muttered ‘why, oh why.’

What will we do with this left over stuff?

Ah! I have a plan if we’re willing!

To have enough time to gobble it up, 

Instead of Christmas- We need 12 days of THANKSGIVING!


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