Mississippi Moment: Alternative methods for graduation ceremonies

Mississippi Moment

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – It’s graduation time in Mississippi. By this time in May, many of our seniors would have already walked across the stage and on into the next chapter of their lives. Many plan to go to college, grad school or off into a new career. It will be the same for seniors this year, minus the walking across the stage.

Now frankly, some graduates may actually like the lack of formality. But I dare say, most graduates would prefer the cap and gown ceremony that marks the ending of one era of life and the beginning of the rest of it. Some brides may like the idea of slipping off and getting married, but most have been planning their big day since preschool.

Some schools are planning ceremonies later in the summer. I saw on Facebook that Mississippi College has a graduation ceremony planned for August 2020.

I have noticed some petitions going around, urging high schools to do a graduation ceremony somehow this year; not just skipping past this class with a pat on the back and a mailed out diploma.

I realize the difficulty of it, and the almost impossible logistics of it; gathering a class together after they have scattered after a few months. But what do you think? Should schools try to schedule a graduation ceremony for this year’s class of seniors? I’d like for you to tell me your thoughts. Email me at wgrayson@wjtv.com.

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