Mississippi Moment: Analyzing the November ballot

Mississippi Moment

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – With less than two months away from the presidential election, if you think elections in Mississippi are cut and dry, you are in for a ballot box shock.

First of all, there are ten people on the Mississippi ballot running for president, not just former Vice President Joe Biden or President Dontald Trump. Even then, we don’t vote for the person.

We vote for a slate of electors pledged to vote for that person in the electoral college. If you read through the list of pledging electors, you’ll see who they are pledged to vote for. And then, you vote for the slated pledged to the person you want elected.

There are some initiatives and measures on the ballot.

One of the simplest is the vote for the new state flag. If you want the flag that is pictured on the ballot to be the new official state flag, vote ‘yes.’ If not, vote ‘no.’ However, if it is voted down, that doesn’t mean we get the old flag with the Confederate emblem on it back. It just means the flag commission starts all over and picks another design that we get to vote on later.

The absolute most confusing initiative on the ballot is the one to legalize medical marijuana. That should have been a simple up or down vote until the legislature got involved and, in my opinion, pretty much assured that measure will fail by all of the conundrum of hoops we have to jump through to make a meaningful vote on the issue.

I want to say more on the marijuana measure, but until then view the sample ballot here and determine your stance.


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