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Mississippi Moment

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – My friend, Johnny Morrow, has come out with a Black History Calendar featuring people who are friends of his and are familiar to Mississippians– and in particular, familiar to folks in the Jackson area.

You’ve met Mr. Morrow before. We had a story about him not long ago releasing a magazine about the history of Jackson automobile dealers and dealerships on the 20th Century and how these guys not only sold cars, but built Jackson as the same time.

Well, Johnny Morrow’s latest venture in a Black History calendar, with a personality respected by Johnny on every page for all of the year. Multiple people on some pages.

He had 50 calendars printed up and immediately they were gobbled up. So, they are back at the presses again, cranking out more. Johnny told me a part of his rational for selecting who he did was these are people who have been around for a long time and have made an indelible mark on our community, state and history.

Some of them you will recognize their names, James Meredith, for instance. He was the first Black student admitted to the University of Mississippi. There’s a shot of the stage when President Bill Clinton presented the commencement address at Tugaloo College. Pretty much all of these people are showcased against some of Johnny’s antique car collection.

He said he wanted to feature people you might not think of right off the top of your head in association with Black History Month, but people who deserve the recognition.

You just have to know Johnny Morrow or know someone who knows him. Get a calendar, if you want one. You’ve heard of the six degrees of separation? It’s not nearly that many with Mr. Morrow, almost everybody knows him.

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