Mississippi Moment: Bobbleheads

Mississippi Moment

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Bernie Sanders’ image has been popping up all over the internet superimposed everywhere from that shot of him at the inauguration all wrapped up with his mask and his mittens.

Since it was introduced last week, Bernie’s bobblehead has already shot up to their second best seller, surpassing Sister Jean from Loyola of Chicago.

Other notables they have in their collection: Vice President Mike Pence and the Fly. Remember from the debates? The fly got more attention than the answer he was giving to the question he had been asked. Probably says a lot about our national political depth of interest. The Bobblehead Museum has lots of other politicians. Even bobbleheads for neglected presidents. Millard Fillmore being my personal favorite. Can you think anything notable off the top of your head from the Fillmore administration?

I mentioned that Bernie Sanders is in 2nd place right now. Guess who’s the best selling bobblehead in America at the moment? Nope, not Trump or Biden.

Ta-da-da! The bobblehead of the hour: Dr. Fauci! Who wouldn’t want to see a bobblehead of Dr. Fauci on the desk of your family doctor when you get your COVID-19 shot!

The National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum is in Milwaukee and available online. Also, the proceeds from the Bernie Bobblehead go to Meals on Wheels in Vermont.

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