Mississippi Moment: Challenge to Initiative 65

Mississippi Moment

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The Mississippi Supreme Court heard arguments today in the case of medical marijuana (Initiative 65).

The challenge is over a technicality that confuses the wording of a statue that may or may not have been made null and void by the redistricting of congressional districts in 2000. It’s confusing, but the merit of medical marijuana is a separate issue from the matter being brought before the court.

A majority of Mississippians voted in favor of Initiative 65. There are some medical conditions that seem to be controllable with some derivative of marijuana. I’m hoping the people who brought this lawsuit would agree to that.

The voters of Mississippi don’t want politicians messing with medical marijuana. Even the legislature came to that realization this past session when they rejected an attempt to derail Initiative 65 as approved by the voters. I’m sure it occurred to them that it will be those same voters who will be scrutinizing their names at the ballot box in the near future.

I welcome the court challenge, because there’s nothing like a court decision to establish once and for all what is and isn’t the law.

There is nothing like the next round of elections to establish who the voters want in office to be writing those laws next time. Hopefully, it will be a slate of politicians who are sensitive to the will of the people who vote for them.

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