Mississippi Moment: Chester the cat

Mississippi Moment

NATCHEZ, Miss. (WJTV) – Chester the cat lives in Natchez. Carolyn Harper found him and three of his siblings crawling out from under a rose bush in her front yard one day, when they were four weeks old. That was in 2008.

Carolyn bottle fed Chester until he could make it on his own. Now for the past couple of years, Chester has made contact with Carolyn and her husband, Bob. By that I mean, he communicates with them in his own way.

Here’s an example. Chester has a waltz to breakfast that he and Carolyn have come up with. It goes under the nesting tables, around the couch, around the table, where Bob is usually eating his own breakfast, through the kitchen and finally to Chester’s own feed bowl where he gets his daily treat of wet food in the morning.

In the past, I have mistakenly said that cats are not intelligent, all the time having this gnawing feeling that they are probably superiorly smart. I think Chester the cat must be very clever to have taught Carolyn this trick, so she would know when it is time to feed him every morning.

Carolyn said Chester loves bacon. If she and Bob are talking about it, like to put on a grocery list, they have to spell it out.

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