Mississippi Moment: Christmas in Leland and Columbia

Mississippi Moment

LELAND, Miss. (WJTV) – It is a tale of two cities and how they decorate. One has been at this over a half century; the other, just a few years. One in the southern part of the state, the other in the Delta.

We’ll start with the Delta. This is the one that’s been at this for over 50 years– Christmas on Deer Creek in Leland. It’s a prime example of a town using what it has at hand to turn into a tradition like Canton with it’s Town Square. Leland has Deer Creek and every December it is turned into a stationary Christmas Parade.

The creek is paralleled with a street on either side and as the cars parade by, the floats just- well, float. You have to salute the local celebrities. He’s another of those Mississippians known ‘round the world by just their first name, like Tupelo’s Elvis and Kosciusko’s Oprah, well, add to that Kermit. Kermit the Frog. Born in the fertile mind of Jim Henson who grew up in Leland and no doubt played along Deer Creek.

Then, down in Marion County south of Jackson a couple of hours is Columbia. They’ve been at decorating their downtown only a few years but they have it down to an art. And there are a bunch of things going on, a train ride for the kids, fireworks on a few nights, check the schedule on their Facebook page or web page, and something rare for Mississippi- ice skating at least through January 2. That’s how long the decoration stay up and lighted. The skating may go on longer depending on the interest.

Leland and Columbia, along with a bunch of other towns in the state, making a de-LIGHT-ful holiday for all of us.


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